Back in the Swing of Things

When I started this blog, I pictured myself sitting down with a hot cup of coffee, wearing a pretty dress and a messy bun, writing about the beauty of island living. It all sounded pretty romantic.

Tonight I find myself writing in the dark, wearing a stain-covered Alaska t-shirt pulled from a pile of clothes that has been in the corner for more than a week. I’m drinking a cold glass of water that’s been on the nightstand for a few days, and I’m serenaded by the snores of a cat, dog and boyfriend. My hair is in fact, tied up in a very messy bun; at least I got that part right.

I started Slow Down, Evergreen while working a 9-to-5 job in the city. It was a way for me to have a hobby completely outside the realm of adventure photography. I wanted a place to put my favorite recipes, hobbies and pretty things. And for a while, it was smooth sailing.

In March of 2019, I decided to leave the corporate grind behind and make my own way. If you’ve ever started your own business, you know it doesn’t leave room for much else. Between the bookkeeping, self-promoting, picture-taking and anxiety-dodging, it’s more than a full-time job. I have had many a sleepless night wondering where the money was going to come from, how I was going to find work, whether I’d made the right choice, etc. You name it, and I probably stressed about it. In short, I didn’t have much time to bake or tinker around the house.

But it sure is funny how the world turns your norm upside down and presents a whole new set of issues. Turns out, you just can’t control the future. Who woulda guessed?

Today is May 12, 2020. It doesn’t matter what city, state or country you’re in, you know these last few months have been insane; Coronavirus has rocked our world. For most, it’s given us nothing but time. Time to find new hobbies, time to make hearty meals, time to sit around and twiddle our thumbs, time to stress about where the money is going to come from.

Last March, I was starting up my photography business and working non-stop to make sure it was successful. This March, exactly one year later (the irony is not lost on me), I have baked more breads, cookies, cakes and naan than I have in a long while. I’ve been gardening up a storm and building planters out of forgotten pallets. I’ve been enjoying the slow pace that is our new norm. And I’ve been wondering why it is we have to go, go, go, to make the world work. So tonight, as I lay awake with my mind going a mile a minute, I thought I should start writing it all down.

We’re starting to discover that there’s something to this whole “slowing down” business, and I’m looking forward to exploring that again in this blog.

I can’t promise it’s going to be all “pretty dresses and hot cups of coffee in a sun-filled window” but it will be honest and true. And most of all, it will be a way to pass the time. And isn’t that what we all want these days?

Author: Elise Giordano

Elise is a photographer living on Vashon Island in the beautiful Evergreen State. When Seattle became too much, she set her sights on island life and never looked back. Today, she is trying to find ways to slow down through cooking, gardening and exploring.

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